EarthCube Manifesto: first few guiding principles

A group of six of us met together last night to discuss an EarthCube Manifesto in a BoF session. We had a lively discussion about guiding principles. Attending the BoF...

Amazingly enough, I don't think any of these guys came because of the wine I brought down - well, maybe Rich did.

We looked over a number of inspiring materials as we thought about what sort of guiding principles might make up an EarthCube Manifesto:

We also looked the well thought-out "EarthCube Design Principles" that Mohan Ramamurthy presented earlier:

  • Community-driven, community-based governance
  • Flexible and evolving designs based on the best ideas
  • Scalable and loosely-federated organization
  • Preference for existing technologies (Adopt, Adapt, and only as a last resort Develop)
  • Use of open standards (and conventions)
  • Leverage strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Establish a National center to provide community leadership

Working through all of these concepts, we can see quite a number of ideas that resonate toward an eventual EarthCube manifesto. Our goal is to come together as a community around a set of simple statements that describe the essence of what EarthCube will mean to each of us who participate and the world at large. The manifesto should be a rallying point and a foundational touchstone we come back to throughout the life of this endeavor to ground ourselves and all that we do in the meaning and reason for doing so. The guiding principles we develop in the manifesto should be used to guide decisions about the projects we conduct and the ways that we talk about EarthCube to all manner of audience.

We did not set out at the beginning of the discussion to complete the manifesto last night. Rather, we spent time thinking through a variety of guiding principles that we felt might start the ball rolling. We encourage continued dialog through this blog and other venues to develop further principles and the elements of the manifesto in coming days.

The following are the few principles we did come to in the initial discussion:

  • All humans have a vested interest in taking a pulse on our planet. EarthCube is a capability for use by the human race.
  • Find the greatest meaning in the accomplishments of EarthCube community members.
  • Deliver working EarthCube solutions quickly, on meaningful timeframes, with a preference toward sooner rather than later.
  • Ground EarthCube in the evolution of today, addressing known issues, and look forward to the revolutions of tomorrow.

We also discussed a couple of other quick things that didn't quite gel into something real.

  • Go from working to working. (Jim Gray)
  • Balance the tension between securing information and ensuring trust and getting information out quickly but with higher risk.

There is much more work to be done here, so please chime in with comments or additional blog posts to flesh out the concepts.

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