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Big Geo Data: Panel, Workshop, GeoVocamp

Dear colleagues,

I hope that this is of interest for you and may start some interesting discussions during the face-to-face meeting next week. The following link points to a Website of the 'Big Data in Geographic Information Science Panel 2012' which focused on semantic heterogeneity. It contains 97 minutes of video recording as well as all slides from the…


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Implementation-independent Requirements for Semantics

I am convinced that the core requirements for semantics software are quite basic and community-independent.

  • The semantics software must exist as an independent component. This could either be an SOA service or a well defined API, or an API capable of connecting to a service. The primary purpose of this component is to annotate resources managed externally (e.g., in a repository, on an FTP site, web services managed by you or someone else...)
  • The semantics software must…

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Semantics for Dummies

I am not an ontologist. I understand only the basics about what semantic technologies are good for. And even then I had to draw a picture. Ontologies don't fill the same role as UML class diagrams do in the realm of software engineering.

Now of course, there are lots of ways to comprehensively map…


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Brokering Principles for EarthCube - What is your definition of a broker?

The Brokering team has added a document on "Brokering Principles for EarthCube". The group collaboratively wrote this document to layout the current problems that brokering addresses and to begin to create a definition of what a brokering framework is.

The image below gives one sample brokering framework, but is not the only solution. This group is looking for community…


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Current IETF Federated Filesystem and Identity Efforts

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is working on creating a standardized method of federating fileservers, and they are also working on using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based identity federations as a source of principals in RPC (read: non-web based) applications. These are current activities in a completely transparent organization which does not charge membership fees. If you have expertise in these areas, I believe the EarthCube effort could greatly benefit from…


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Data Management and Grid Technologies


By way of introduction, I thought it best to post this white paper I wrote up not too long ago. Being from US Forest Service Research and Development, I am neither from the geosciences community, nor am I able to petition the NSF for funds. However, we may share some common concerns and/or obstacles, and hence I may be able to leverage some of the solutions you generate. This white paper should give…


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More thoughts on double-loop organizations

I've been delving into the literature on double-loop learning and organizational managment (and innovation too) and I've got some ideas that might be of service. And I would love some feedback too.

Double Loop Virtual Organizations

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A paper on Geoinformatics

I just posted a copy of a paper on Geoinformatics (written for geoscientists). Some may find it useful, as we seek to engage a broad spectrum of geoscientists in semantics/ontology group activities. The pdf file is on my website.

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Dear Colleagues,   The Governance Workshop Steering Committee cordially invites you to participate in the virtual workshop plenary session for outlining a Governance Roadmap for EarthCube.    Option …

Dear Colleagues,


The Governance Workshop Steering Committee cordially invites you to participate in the virtual workshop plenary session for outlining a Governance Roadmap for EarthCube. 


Option 1: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 from 11am to 1pm EDT (8am to 10am PDT, 9am to 11am MDT, 10am to noon CDT)


Option 2: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 from 3pm to 5pm EDT (noon to 2pm PDT, 1pm to 3pm MDT, 2pm to 4pm CDT)


The session will…


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Spatial Semantics for Better Interoperability and Analysis: Challenges and Experiences in Building Semantically Rich Applications in Web 3.0

Over the past 20 years, the Web has moved from Web 1.0 (circa 1990) — document web — to Web 2.0 (circa 2003) — Read-Write Web with broad variety of social data including user generated content (UGC) — to Web 3.0 (circa 2010). A key characteristic of Web 3.0 is the inclusion of a broad variety of data – including traditional structured databases and extracted data, social data, sensor data (including those generated by mobile and internet connected devices), historical and…


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PNG and PDF versions of the new logo are now available for use in our Google Drive folder. Click the "Documents" tab above and then the EarthCube Logos folder.Continue

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