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EarthCube is a virtual community with 1550+ participants. EarthCube is carried out in the groups, blogs, discussion posts, and at the virtual and in-person meetings of the EarthCube groups across the country, and at EarthCube events at professional conferences, including AGU, AMS, ASLO, ESIP, GSA, OGC, RDAP, and others .

To find out more about what's going on in the EarthCube community, you can check out the following pages:

  • Member Connections: There’s a new, cool graphical software utility to connect geoscientists! With all the interdisciplinary competitions going on now at NSF, you can use this to find appropriate potential collaborators to make proposals as competitive as possible.  EarthCube can flourish as a community with your participation. You must first be an EarthCube member to participate in the Member Connections program. Membership is free and open to all. Go to the EarthCube homepage to sign up.  

  • Blog: Check out what EarthCube members are saying at the EarthCube Blog.

  • Facebook: Like EarthCube on Facebook to get access to special events, announcements, articles, and other EarthCube-related information.

  • Funding Opps: Check out the latest EarthCube funding and collaboration opportunities in this community forum.

  • LinkedIn: Join the EarthCube LinkedIn group!

  • News: All current and past EarthCube news is posted here. News items typically include funding opportunities, workshop and other event announcements, and more!

  • Newsletter: Check out every issue of the EarthCube newsletter. Each newsletter contains program announcements, upcoming events, funding opportunities and more. EarthCube members receive the newsletter via email every two weeks.

  • Photos: Check out photos from recent EarthCube events.

  • Survey: To help understand the challenges of building and implementing EarthCube, NSF has funded a study of the communication, coordination and alignment of those engaging in the EarthCube process. This survey is one of several mechanisms we will use to understand and inform you and NSF of these challenges, perceptions, and future needs of the EarthCube community. The survey results will be posted on the EarthCube website.

  • Twitter: Follow EarthCube on Twitter (@EarthCube) and participate in EarthCube discussions using the hashtag #EarthCube.

  • YouTube This is EarthCube’s official YouTube Channel. Check out the most recent EarthCube video - EarthCube is introduced by talking dinosaurs!

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