November 2011 EarthCube Charrette (Community Event)

EarthCube held its first charrette (community event) November 1-4, 2011, with the goal to gather as many ideas as possible from a broad representation of potential EarthCube participants (Earth scientists, IT experts, and others) to jumpstart the planning and development processes for EarthCube.  Goals of the charrette were to: 1) Identify commonalities and differences in EarthCube vision and challenges, 2) Craft explicit statements of challenges and develop a list of possible milestones, 3) Map the vision, challenges, and milestones to governance and potential EarthCube designs, and 4) Develop a rough understanding of what the next steps must address.


The charrette agenda included several presentations introducing EarthCube concepts and goals, in addition to a series of breakout sessions focused on developing a scientific vision for EarthCube, addressing potential barriers and capabilities, prioritizing these capabilities, and turning these capabilities into actionable milestones.  Conference participants developed a list of 121 capabilities for EarthCube, which were later clarified and organized into 14 groupings:


  1. Dataset and Workflow Discovery
  2. Metadata for Workflow and Data Sets
  3. Data Security and Trust
  4. Data Access Services
  5. Workflow Execution Management
  6. Data Management within Workflows
  7. Modeling Standards and Frameworks
  8. Modeling Capabilities within Cloud, Grid, HPC, and Science Portals
  9. Numerical Methods and Software Engineering
  10. Tools to Probe, Validate, Verify, and Visualize Data
  11. Broad Participation: Enable Collaboration and Participation from International, Industry, Academic, NGO and other Domain Partners
  12. Best Practices & Governance Models for the Development of Definitions & Standards
  13. Policy Enforcement Processes
  14. Continuity, Sustainability, & Evolution


Several (BoF) sessions were also scheduled by to address additional issues not covered in the main conference agenda (for a complete lists of BoF sessions, please see: Birds-of-Feather).


One key outcome of the November 2011 charrette was the formation of several NSF-funded Community Groups and Concept Award Teams. These groups were created by merging EarthCube Expressions of Interest under common themes.  The goal of the Community Groups (Data, Governance, Semantics & Ontologies, Workflow) was to gather EarthCube user requirements through broad engagement of the geosciences and IT communities, while the Concept Teams (Brokering, Earth System Model, Layered Architecture, Cross-Domain Interoperability, and Web Services) evaluated and prototyped innovative key technologies. 

These groups form the basis of EarthCube developments thus far.  Each group wrote a draft and updated roadmap regarding how to move their area of EarthCube forward.  These roadmaps were presented at the second EarthCube charrette in June 2012, and are now in the process of being integrated to craft a common vision and milestones for EarthCube.


Meeting Materials

EarthCube Charrette Agenda

EarthCube Vision Paper

EarthCube Charrette Preparation Document

White Paper Spreadsheet in PDF (Oct 21)

White Paper Web Page

PDF of combined papers

Zip file of all the individual papers

PDF of 185 User Requirement Survey responses

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