This white paper offers views, examples, and lessons learned from the perspective of an organization that has built several successful examples of cyberinfrastructure for a growing community of researchers and educators in the geosciences.


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Great stuff here.   Agree 100% with your lessons learned:

1. One size will not fit all
2. Nurture short user feedback loops
3. Involve developers in support
4. Leverage community efforts
5. Emphasize discipline-independence
6. Favor loose coupling among components
7. Drive development with tests

Thanks, Rich.  Length limitations for the white papers forced omission of another lesson:

   8.  You won't get it right the first time

which is loosely consistent with the vision of development as evolution, but conflicts a bit with backwards compatibility.  These could almost all be bumper stickers ...


Great paper Russ. And great work bringing all

that data through the netCDF API.



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